Overview of the AUF

 The Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) is one of the most important higher education and research associations in the world. The AUF has also been La Francophonie’s operating agency for higher education and research since 1989. This Francophone project aims to establish a French-language international academic community that produces and transmits knowledge.

The AUF operates on the international scene from its head office and central services located in Montreal and Paris. It has 68 institutions in 40 countries, including ten regional offices with 377 staff members, including 303 regional staff.

Since May 2013, the AUF Chair has been Abdelatif Miraoui, The President of Cadi Ayyad University (Morocco).

Since December 2007, Professor Bernard Cerquiglini has been Executive Director.

Since 2000, the AUF has experienced a period of unprecedented development,marked by a consolidation of its budget and a 50% increase inthe number of member institutions. The AUF now consolidates a network of 776 institutions on all continents in 98 countries, 63 of which are members or observers of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Most of its members are in France, Vietnam, Algeria and Canada, respectively.The AUF's development is a reflection of its reputation within academic communities as well as the appeal of French as a language of instruction and culture on the international scene.

2010-2013 Strategic objectives

  • To support the development strategies of member institutions
  • To establish the French-speaking scientific community as a reference on the international scene
  • To develop a generation of teachers, researchers, experts and professional development actors.

New approach

To achieve these objectives, the programming uses a project-based approach, with increased decentralization. The AUF only supports time-limited projects that are subject to evaluation and that clearly meet the needs defined by its members.

While higher education and research institutions in northern countries are able to deal with these changes, institutions in southern countries sometimes face difficult national situations and therefore need support and expertise in order to consolidate. Under its four-year 2010-2013 programming, the AUF has therefore decided to refocus its attention on the needs of its member institutions.


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